Goat farm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In the beginning of 2016, a completed project for 10,000 animals was implemented in the United Arab Emirates. It concerned the construction of 5 fully equipped units that included all required machinery and feeding, milking, washing, cooling and electronic management systems.

Through careful study and detailed planning, our team completed the first two installations of this project in accordance with the parameters govern modern management of livestock units in order to ensure maximum efficiency and savings, aiming at the high profitability of the farm and at the same time at its sustainability.

Great emphasis was given in the designing of the feeding areas in order to ensure that animals would be protected against infections or traumas and that they would be able to move around smoothly and comfortably. The waterholes were placed in easily accessible sites and 5 feeding belts MP Feeding belt of a length of 80m were added in order to ensure the proper feeding of the animals as well as that the employees would not be required to distribute the feed by walking through the stables thus wasting time and putting animals at risk of contamination. It is worth mentioning that the placement of the feeding belts was also important for the facilitation of the tagging and vaccination processes.

Regarding the milking system, the stainless MP Armektron F4Α was selected, a product that guarantees quick and safe extraction of milk, facilitation of the workflow, maximum flow and reduction of the operating expenses. It is important to mention that the Afishepherd herd management tool was installed in the MP Armektron F4Α, in order to collect information regarding the output of each animal and to ensure the effective management of the farm and the overall improvement of the herd.

For the proper cleaning of the milking system, the automated system MP Armektron 2to1 Pulse & Wash with the fully adjustable parameters and upgradeable software was installed in order to meet the special needs of the farm.

Finally, two closed type MP Powertank with super-tropical cooling units were placed for the immediate cooling of milk and two energy recovery systems MP EcoHeat for the costless production of hot water.

For us, the livestock unit model management presupposes the existence of flexible systems, which can be easily implemented and which allow farm managers the exercise complete control over very large farms thus allowing them to focus more on issues related to the well-being of animals.

After the completion of the work, the Business Development representative of Emirates International Group for Food and Agriculture Mahmoud Al Hadad stated that: “Milkplan was the best choice were ever made. Honesty from start to finish.”


Date:  January 2016
Location:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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