Automatic Lamb Feeders

Malnutrition has an adverse effect on the growth of a young animal. On the other hand, though, mother's lactation inhibits estrus and has generally an adverse effect on its fertility. Weaning devices respond to the need for early separation of lambs from their mothers, preventing malnutrition of the young animal or long duration of anestrus of the mother.

The new weaning device for small sheep and goats by the German company Förster-Technik reduces the daily work of the farmer and ensures the healthy and smooth growth of young animals without problems. It offers very fast feed preparation and setting options for heating, agitation and dosage. It is easy to wash and simple to use.

  1. Features
  • Electronic thermometer
  • Parameter indication display and keyboard for easy setting
  • 8 weaning positions
  • 20-30 animals per position
  • 35 kg powder container
  • Feed preparation time 2.5-3 min
  • Stainless steel protective cover for protection against insects
  • Position height adjustment mechanism
  • Operating current 2.8 kW (240V)/ 3.2 kW (230V)/ 5.0 kW (400V)

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