armektron mobile

MP Armektron Mobile


The transportable MP Armektron Mobile milking system for sheep and goats is a functional and effective milking solution for moving livestock units with a large number of animals.

The product aims to facilitate the milking so that any movement of the herd does not require any change to the flow of the daily tasks and the animal program and of course to ensure the safety and health of the herd.

MP Armektron Mobile has a special design so as to combine the advantages of an integrated parlor in the space of a mobile platform. It integrates a stall with individual feeding troughs, side doors, a feeding tank, an automatic feeding mechanism, liners and milk claws, a milk receiver, electronic pulsators, a vacuum unit, a washing system, and can include a generator in case there is no power supply.

The MP Armektron Mobile transportation platform can be of open or closed type. The difference lies in the side walls which are raised to provide protection against the sun. Any MP Armektron model (Fast 4 All, Smart 4 Small or Fixed 4 Start) that fully meets the needs of each unit can be installed on both types of platforms.

Easy transportation, smooth entry and exit of animals in the parlor, automatic washing, fast and safe extraction of milk as well as minimization of human care are some of the main advantages of MP Armektron Mobile.

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