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MP Ice Bank (Ice storage device)

Συσκευή ανάκτησης θερμότητας

The ice storage device is ideal choice for instant cooling of milk from high temperatures (85 - 90oC), in the most direct and economical way. It is also the ideal solution for rapid cooling liquid foods that require temperature rapid drop before their storage.

Milkplan’s Ice Bank is carefully designed to ensure the required energy storage in the form of ice, consuming the least possible energy. Depending on the application and the needs of the user, the ice that has accumulated melts and pumped, providing a continuous flow of ice water at 0.5oC.

  1. Features
  2. Photos
  • ICE BANK power: 30 to 750kWh
  • Total ice storage: from 400 to 8.000kg
  • Tropical edition up to +45oC
  • Cooling units (integrated or separate) : N.1 or Ν. 2
  • Ice storage time: from 6 to 11hrs
  • Internal tank: 2mm AISI304
  • Vessel : Sandwich type
  • Insulation : Expanded polyurethane
  • Stainless steel or galvanized exhaust 1/2’’
  • Built-in automatic air mixer
  • Single / double ice thermal sensor
  • Built-in PLC controller Freon R449
  • Built-in water pump.
  • Manufactured in compliance to 2006/42 CE & PED 2014/68/UE

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