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MP Armektron Dynamic


The MP Cow Armektron Dynamic Herringbone milking system is one of the most functional and stable milking systems worldwide. It offers comfortable and easy entry and exit of the animals to the parlor and can be combined both with a standard milking equipment and a complete electronic herd management system. Thanks to its design, cow's milking position at an angle of 32° allows the unhindered view of the udder and facilitates the farmer's access as well as attachment of the liners.

It is available in standard version as well as with a pneumatically-operated fast exit to reduce entry/exit time.

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Sizes of milking systems

Available in sizes from 1x3 to 2x24.

Robust construction

Robust construction with pipes of up to 4mm made of hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301) for long lasting guarantee.

Kick rail

Made of hot-dip galvanized or 3mm-thick stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301) for the protection of both the operator against possible kicks and the milking equipment against dung.

Chest bar

Hot-dip galvanized 3mm-thick front chest bar, reinforced with a special base, adjustable up to 5cm.

Protective sheets

Hot-dip galvanized 2mm-thick sheets placed per cow position for the protection of the operator against dung.


Mechanical or pneumatic entry-exit doors for easy operation.

Liners & Milk claws

Silicone liners and milk claws in a modern, functional and ergonomic design offering maximum flow and zero vacuum leaks during system startup. Compliant with ISO standards, the liners combine gentle massage and are suitable for smooth milking without irritations ensuring comfort for the animal and convenience of the operator. They guarantee maximum milk evacuation without foam and ensure constant vacuum level. They are also resistant to kicks, acids and high temperatures, they feature excellent adhesion to the teats while the cups can be separated to prevent contamination. Milk claws feature a capacity of 240cc or 350cc, an integrated shut-off function with or without valve, cross pulsation: side by side/front-rear and are suitable for standard systems or automatic cluster removal systems.

Milk receiver

Central stainless steel milk receiver, vertical or horizontal type, with a capacity from 40-100lt, a three-phase or single-phase milk pump up to 2Hp and a 620mm stainless steel milk filter.

System tubes

Milk and washing tubes (optional) made of food grade anti-magnetic stainless steel (DIN 304, AISI 1.4301). PVC vacuum and pulsator 10atm tubes for maximum performance.
√ Use of a double milk tube on either side for large milking systems (≥2x12).

Vacuum unit

High durability lubricated (CKB46) vacuum unit up to 3500lt with silencer and precision regulator. It is made of stainless steel and ensures vacuum stability even in the event of leakage as a result of the operator's fault.

Electronic pulsators

Electronic waterproof pulsators designed with meticulous attention to detail for high precision, durability and reliability. They facilitate fast and smooth milking, maintain udder health and make the dairy farmer’s job easier. Equipped with the integrated PCB pulse programme, they provide precise control of the pulse signal and minimum vacuum consumption to ensure optimal performance and excellent stability of the system. They feature low electrical consumption to save energy while reducing the risk of oxidation of the electrical contacts. They are also completely sealed to ensure full protection against external factors (water, moisture etc).


MP Nautilus is available from 2.2kw to 15kw offering energy saving up to 40%. It also contributes to the longer life of the motor, reduced oil consumption and effective and silent operation of the vacuum pump.

  • Comfortable and effective milking.
  • Durable and robust construction.
  • Easy access to the udder.
  • Comfortable entry/exit.
  • Easy and stress-free movement for the animals.
  • Cost-efficient solution.
  • Time saving with Fast-Exit option.

The proper cleaning of the milking system is a basic prerequisite for ensuring its proper & effective operation as well as its durability. Therefore, choosing the appropriate washing system is of particular importance.

Milkplan has developed an innovative washing method that meets all pipeline closed circuit CIP requirements and automates the process by facilitating the farmer's job while saving time for him to rest or engage in other tasks.

MP Armektron Pulse & Wash 2to1 washing system

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