Milk cooling tanks MP Powertank

MP Silo

Παγολεκάνη κλειστού τύπου - Δεξαμενή ψύξης γάλακτος MP Powertank

MP Silo, is a specially designed vertical cooling tank which comes to cover livestock needs as well as cheese/dairy units for cooling and storage of large milk quantities. The special design of the MP Silo offers the maximum amount storage combined with the minimum space requirements as the tank is placed outdoor.

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Tank diameter 2,45 m
MP Silo Type H (m)
8000 3,25
12000 4,25
12000 4,25
16000 5,25
20000 6,25
24000 7,25
28000 8,25
32000 9,25
36000 10,25

Tank diameter 3 m
MP Silo Type H (m)
10000 3,05
15000 4,05
18000 4,55
20000 4,80
24000 5,55
30000 6,55
35000 7,25
40000 8,05
50000 9,55

Construction: All stainless steel 18/10, DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304)

Evaporator: suitable for cooling with Freon or cold water

Stainless steel guard rail on the roof of the tank

Insulated tank vessel in compliance to international standards

Agitation motor: 1kW / 28rpm

Bottom supported impeller

Placement according to the needs of the unit: Manhole, valve and refrigerant pipes

Stainless steel ladder in compliance to international standards

Minimum installation requirements

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