Milk cooling tanks MP Vertitank

MP Vertitank
(MPV 50 - 2.500lt)


The MP Vertitank series is available in 13 different capacities, covering a range from 50 liters to 2,500 liters, that meets the needs of all dairy units & cheese dairies.

Fast and stable cooling and maximum energy saving are common characteristics of all MP Vertitank series models.

Milkplan's tanks are made of food grade materials and follow the European and US standards ISO5708 / EΝ13732 / 3A.

This way cooling takes place at the right time, so as to avoid both the development of bacteria and the increase of milk acidity (pH). A special shaft with paddles and a gear reduction motor set to the appropriate RPM mixes the milk so as to ensure perfect homogenization of fats and uniform cooling of the entire quantity of milk without foaming.

The sophisticated design of these tanks ensures a number of advantages for the dairy unit, such as space saving, functional simplicity and easy transportation, installation, repair and maintenance.

The cooling mechanisms and their capacities have been designed in order to meet the demands of both sheep and goat units and small cattle farming units.

MP Vertitanks have proved their worth in thousand of livestock and dairy units in over 81 countries.

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50lt - 300lt

Tanks from 50lt to 300lt are mainly suitable for sheep and goat livestock units and can serve milk collection of 2 or 4 milkings.

Type of tank A A1 A2 B B1 B2 H h1 h2 h3
MPV 50 560 280 365 520 280 365 1350 820 1050 440
MPV 100 780 330 400 680 410 500 1660 980 1190 420
MPV 200 1030 530 610 890 530 610 1520 990 1220 420
MPV 300 1130 530 620 990 530 610 1700 1030 1250 420

vertitank 50 300

400lt- 2.500lt

Tanks from 400lt to 2,500lt can serve small cow milking parlors and large sheep and goat milking parlors.

Type of tank A A1 A2 B B1 H h1 h2 h3 h4
MPV 400 1600 950 - 1090 670 1445 1050 830 685 180
MPV 500 1600 950 - 1090 670 1620 1190 965 680 180
MPV 650 1600 950 - 1090 670 1765 1345 1120 750 180
MPV 800 1770 1310 - 1290 925 1910 1265 1040 685 192
MPV 1000 2050 1320 450 1495 910 1925 1250 1010 840 192
MPV 1250 2050 1320 450 1495 940 2090 1495 1150 840 192
MPV 1500 2275 1560 590 1495 1140 2200 1645 1304 818 192
MPV 2000 2320 1490 680 1840 1130 2200 1510 1200 880 192
MPV 2500 2320 1490 680 1840 1130 2390 1700 1390 1070 192

vertitank 400 2500

*The dimensions mentioned above refer to 2ΒII models in accordance with ΕN13732:2002.


Cooling unit

The precise calculation of the cooling capacity of each tank allows cooling of milk at the right time according to the producer's needs. The MP Vertitank series models are available in versions of 2 or 4 milking for normal or high ambient temperatures (tropical and supertropical) and are available with European- or US-made Tecumseh, Maneurop, Copeland or Embraco compressors depending on the customer's needs. All cooling units operate with environmentally-friendly freon R404A, and in order to ensure better performance and protection, they are equipped with a solenoid valve, separate high and low pressure switches, an additional pressure switch for controlling the second fan and check valves.


The tanks are equipped with a direct expansion evaporator welded with the most modern laser technology and the bottom has the appropriate slope to ensure the complete evacuation of the tank in compliance with international standards (ISO 5708). The installation of the evaporator in the tank, the design, the appropriate choice of materials and the diamond weld pattern, all serve to ensure direct dissipation of the milk's heat, avoiding the formation of ice particles, minimizing energy loss and achieving zero coolant leakage.

Thermal insulation

The tank insulation with environmentally-friendly two components polyurethane foam allows preservation of milk to the desired temperature ensuring minimum energy consumption. The insulation thickness is 45mm at the side walls and about 90mm at the base of the tank.


To measure the level of milk and to calculate the amount of milk in the tank, all MP Vertitank series models are equipped with a stainless steel measuring dipstick and a conversion table in liters.

Easy cleaning

The motor, the electronic control panel and the lifting handle of the tank lid (models above 100lt) are elevated, allowing thorough cleaning of the lid and preventing dirt accumulation.

Electronic control panel

The electronic control panel for the cooling and agitation of the milk has an easy-to-read 3-digit display allowing easy operation of the cooling tank with the touch of a single button. It is based on a Dixell electronic controller -suitable for milk cooling systems- with fully adjustable parameters and it is equipped with a temperature sensor (NTC), IP68 sealed and resistant up to 110°C. The panel is IP55 certified and the electronic circuits are protected against the ingress of water or water vapor.

Perforated cover of the cooling unit

The stainless steel protective perforated cover prevents the entry of small animals and dirt in the cooling unit of the tank ensuring its smooth operation. Its easy removal allows direct access to the cooling unit for maintenance and repair. It is worth mentioning that for the perforated enclosed metal base of the cooling tank the company has obtained a patent (no. 1004080).

Retaining springs

Stainless steel springs (from 1 to 4 depending on the model) provide easy lifting and holding of the tank lid in the open position while also offering high resistance to stress from daily use (models above 200lt).

Milk inlet opening

The lid of the cooling tank has a Φ200mm diameter opening (two openings on models 2,000lt and 2,500lt) which allows easy inspection of the content and filling of the tank. It is covered by a stainless steel lid held in place by a hinge.

Milk outlet

MP Vertitank milk cooling tanks are available with a DN50, SMS51 or Triclamp type milk outlet and are equipped with a stainless steel butterfly valve. In the case of the DN50 type valve, a food grade plastic cap is also included.

Agitation motor

MP Vertitank cooling tanks are equipped with agitation motors by the French company Sirem which rotate at 30 rpm to prevent milk foaming. The motors are equipped with an integrated gravity switch which allows milk agitation to stop automatically when the tank lid is lifted.

Lid with a one-piece agitator

The robust lid without screws on the inside and the one-piece agitator of the tanks without joints ensure perfect cleaning and minimize the risk of milk contamination.

Cooling tank rim

The rim of the tanks is manufactured according to ISO 5708 / EN 13732 standard.

Adjustable support legs

All models of MP Vertitank series have adjustable support legs, so as absolute leveling is attained even on uneven floors which is a prerequisite for correct measurement of the milk.

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