Calves houses

Calf housing and housing design affect calves' future yield. The individual feeding trough, adequate ventilation, protection from cold or heat, separation in cases of housing of calves of different origin are some factors that have been proven to affect feed intake and hence calves' weight gain as well as their subsequent productivity.

Following detailed checks, our product proposal is MP Compact, an effective solution for the housing of small calves that can be also used even as a solution for the housing of heifers for a short period of time. MP Compact ensures animals' safe living in an environment with dry bedding and adequate ventilation with no currents. It is easy to clean, store and carry. Thanks to its small size, it is an ideal solution for large herds and limited spaces as it increases the number of houses that can be used in a specific area.

  1. Features
  • Single space of 100x200cm
  • Easy assembly
  • Front gate with locking
  • Adjustable bucket mounting
  • Front fencing
  • Fully adjustable model back gate
  • Stainless steel feeder and built-in bucket
  • Wall dimensions 100x200cm
  • Ceiling panel with dual coating for complete coverage

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