MP MilkCab


The advantages of using pasteurized milk for feeding calves are numerous and contribute both to the health of the young animal and resource savings for the user.

Raw milk has much larger concentrations of protein and fat and is better absorbed by the body, compared to a common milk replacer. This results in faster growth and earlier weaning of the animal.

With MP MilkCab we can use the "bad" milk produced in the livestock unit. The unsaleable milk is pasteurized and reused for feeding, substituting other replacers which means:

  • Reduced cost for animal feeding
  • Fast payback of the pasteurization equipment

The MP MilkCab pasteurizer is considered to be the ideal solution for the feeding of small calves with or milk powder. It contributes to the proper feeding and healthy development of the calves as well as to the resource saving for the livestock farmer.

With MP MilkCab, milk powder is mixed uniformly while, at the same time, it is pasteurized before the feeding of the calves, thus protecting them from germs and illnesses. Also, the unsaleable milk is pasteurized and used for the feeding of calves, replacing milk substitutes.

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Touch screen

All MP MilkCab functions can be controlled through the color touch screen 4.3’’ for easier navigation.


The MP MilkCab PLC software ensures the full control and automation of all operating procedures, from pasteurization to feeding (milk temperature control, entry of the feeding amount to the system, automatic start/pause, etc.) It is important to mention that the function of time programming allows livestock farmers to program the preparation of the milk, whenever they wish.

Menu & navigation

Navigation is simple, carried out in a user-friendly interface and the menu is fully upgradeable and available in every language.

Clever tank design

  • Heat exchanger at the sidewall and at the bottom of the tank for quicker heating of the milk.
  • Appropriate design of gradients for full draining of the milk.
  • Lid lifting and holding system with stainless springs.

Excellent thermal insulation of the tank

Milk tank made of stainless steel (AISI 304) insulated with high density polyurethane foam of two ingredients for temperature maintenance and energy saving.

Ergonomic construction

The quick connectors of water and power supply are designed to ensure easy use, security of the operator and practical connection with the panel.


MP MilkCab is equipped with a special stirrer for the stirring of fresh milk or with a mixer with double flap for the mixing of powder. It has a multiturn stirring motor with inverter in order to cover 2 speeds, a slower speed for pasteurization and a quicker speed for the powder.

Stainless cover of the electric panel

It is provided for the protection of electric and electronic accessories and offers long service life and high resistance.


Raised tank with big wheels for movement even in rough routes, equipped with a powerful electric movement motor that works with batteries (autonomy that exceeds 3 hours).


A brake is placed at the front wheel so that slippage is prevented, while there is also an emergency stop at the back wheels for reverse movement.

Feeding Hose

Practical design of the feeding hose with the use of a dosimeter for the regulation of the exact quantity of feeding and stainless base for steady and smooth movement.

Leakproof cover

The leakproof covers offers hermetical sealing of the protective lid for the avoidance of milk loss while moving on bumpy road.

Milk measurement

Engraved gradation at the inner wall of the tank for easy milk measurement.

  • High quality circulator used for water circulation during heating and cooling.
  • 12kW electric heater.
  • Solenoid valve used during cooling.
  • Automatic filling valve.
  • Polyphosphate filter that prevents calcium deposits in the water circuit.
  • Water filter.
  • Visual alert.
  • Electrical power panel.

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