The state of the art cheese production line MP Home Cheese Pro

With the selling price of milk being reduced and the price of feta cheese remaining at high levels both abroad and in the domestic market, the interest of livestock farmers/ milk producers is focused on small, traditional cheese dairies. Given that every livestock farmer invests in both equipment and time and that the profit from the selling of milk to third parties is not proportionate to its value, many milk producers opt out to make an extra investment in order to sell cheese rather than milk.

This tendency will be assisted by the Agricultural Development Scheme for the period 2015-2020 and the Development Law through which small cheese dairies will receive a subsidy. The amount of the aid is rumored to be significantly high with the percentage ranging from 40% to 75% while there is also the possibility of an advance payment.

Being a pioneer in the sector of equipment for dairies and livestock farms, Milkplan meets this need through the family cheese dairy MP Home Cheese Pro.

MP Home Cheese Pro is a state-of-the-art cheese production line for family-size units. It is the most innovative, integrated, robust and reliable system currently in the market with its basic advantage being the safeguarding of the recipe of each cheese maker.

With the use of this technology, Milkplan has managed to integrate automations to the MP Home Cheese Pro, so that after its initial programming by the user based on the recipe of the livestock farmer/ milk producer the system can carry out the desired process thus ensuring the quality of the end product.

More specifically, the system includes an automation table with a user friendly touch screen for easy handling, a double filtering system for the thorough cleaning from body cells, a programmable cream separator, a boiler-pasteurizer with a circumferential heat exchanger for pasteurization in short time, an icebank (optional) for the direct supply of the pasteurizer with ice water, a cheese tank for cheese coagulation with a pneumatic port and a unified distributor for a uniform injection of the curd in the molds and a drainage surface, which works as an automated subverter.

Amongst the important innovations of the MP Home Cheese Pro system are its capacity to store data, thus eliminating the need for reprogramming, the integration of an icebank so that the milk can be cooled through the recycling of a specific quantity of water - which automatically implies significant saving of water and energy for the unit and the possibility of scheduling and alerts through optical and sound signals for the end of each function.

As stated by the owner of the unit, where the first MP Home Cheese Pro has been installed and operates “The cheese dairy of Milkplan resembles an automated cheese production robot” and is offered in an especially affordable price. What can be said with certainty is that it contributes to the high profitability of each small milk producing unit.


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