MP Lactoscan

MP Lactoscan is a modern chemical analyzer suitable for the analysis of any type of milk. Thanks to its ultrasonic technology, the accuracy of the measurement does not depend on milk acidity and analysis can be performed from a temperature of 5°C to 40°C.

The analysis results are displayed within 50 seconds on the screen and can also be withdrawn on paper as the MP Lactoscan has a built-in printer.

In its standard version, MP Lactoscan comes pre-configured to analyze cow's, sheep's and goat's milk. It is optionally offered for the analysis of other dairy products such as cream, evaporated or skimmed milk and can be calibrated by the user to analyze samples of yogurt, ice-cream mix or whey.

It is available in two models of different weight and dimensions.
MP Lactoscan SA (100x223x216 mm) / 4kg
MP Lactoscan MCC (290x300x330mm) / 5kg

  1. Features
  2. Analysis data
  3. Photos
  • User-friendly interface and simple operation, maintenance, calibration and installation
  • Easy to carry
  • Chemical analysis of small milk samples (15ml)
  • Low power consumption
  • Without the use of hazardous chemicals
  • Configuration option via RS232 port
  • Integrated ESC POS printer
  • Automatic calibration using two samples of milk
  • Option to save chemical analysis data on a USB Flash Drive
  • One-year guarantee
Parameter Measuring range Accuracy
fat 0,01% – 45% ±0,06%
SNF 3% – 40% ±0,15%
Density 1000 – 1160 kg/m3 ±0,3 kg/m3
Protein 2% – 15% ±0,15%
Lactose 0,01% – 20% ±0,20%
Water 0% – 70% ±3%
Milk temperature 5°C – 40°C ±1°C
Freezing point -0,4°C – -0,7°C  ±0,005°C
Salts 0.4% – 4% ±0,05%
pH 0 – 14 ±0,05%
Conductivity 2 – 14 mS/cm ± 0,05 mS/cm

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