Silent Herdsman

Silent Herdsman

Silent Herdsman is a patented neck-mounted cow monitoring system that detects estrus and health problems based on cow activity, rumination and eating patterns.

With the help of smart collars, Silent Herdsman detects estrus and possible health problems for each cow and sends alerts regarding any changes associated with the onset of heat and/or the health of the animal. This is very important for the farmer as it allows 1 ) faster corrective actions minimizing the impact on the quantity as well as on the quality of the milk and 2) optimum fertilization times while maintaining milk production at the highest level.


Data is transmitted wirelessly from the collar via a base station to a central computer on the farm that issues alerts for changes indicating estrus or illness. Alerts are also sent via the cloud to smart phones and tablets and are always available through access in mySilent Herdsman system

  1. Features
  2. Equipment
  3. Photos
  • Simple & easy-to-use touch screen.
  • Patented artificial intelligence software at the collar
  • Long- life battery
  • Advanced collar design
  • Easy remote software upgrade
  • Real-time data 24/7
  • Durable material for hard environments
  • Remote monitoring via any device of your choice (phone alerts, analysis & presentation with mail reports)
  • Antenna
  • Broadband Bridge
  • Reader
  • Collar
  • Controller

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