mpp control

MPP Control

MPP Control

MPP Control is equipped with a complete alarm system, control of all cooling and washing parameters and accessories for optimal washing.


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Backup cooling controller

MPP Control has a backup cooling controller so that the proper function of the system is ensured in the event of failure of the central PLC.

Double temperature sensor

MPP Control is equipped with two temperature sensors, so that, in case one of them fails, the other can activate the cooling function.

Digital display

The backlit and waterproof (IP65) display offers full control to the users by allowing them to monitor and set all parameters of cooling and washing.

Effective washing

The water spray system with special rotating blades provides excellent cleaning of the interior of the tank.

Powerful water pump

The powerful water pump guarantees continuous recirculation and constant water flow as well as proper spray pressure.

Made of AISI 304

All internal metal parts of the washing systems are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301) in order to prevent any possibility of corrosion, even by the most strong disinfectants.

Independent peristaltic pumps

Two independent peristaltic pumps provide the necessary supply of liquid disinfectants.

Sound alarm

The integrated sound alarm function alerts immediately the user in case of any problem.

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